Employers Must Be Careful When Conducting Criminal Background Checks on California Employees

The Los Angeles Daily Journal published an article today written by Bernstein & Friedland, P.C. discussing the legal traps unwary employers can fall into when they run criminal background checks on their current and prospective employees.  Employers who do so without complying with the many federal and state laws that regulate conducting criminal background checks on California employees can be subject to substantial liability, not only for statutory violations but also for discrimination, wrongful failure to hire, and wrongful termination claims, among others.  A copy of the article is available here.


Bernstein & Friedland, P.C. is a boutique employment law firm in Los Angeles specializing in wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and unpaid wage and overtime matters.  Please visit our website at www.laemploymentcounsel.com to learn more about us.

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