California Labor Commissioner Announces Record-Breaking Assessments of Unpaid Minimum Wage and Overtime Claims Against Employers

According to a Department of Industrial Relations News Release issued yesterday, California Labor Commissioner Julie Su announced that “labor law enforcement under Governor Brown in the first two years of his Administration resulted in more minimum and overtime wages found owing to California workers and more monetary penalties for illegal business practices than in any previous year in the past decade.”

The News Release states that the agency assessed over $3 million in unpaid wages and more than $13 million in unpaid overtime wages against employers in 2012 — more than any previous year on record.  A detailed report discussing the agency’s accomplishments, activities, and priorities is available here.

In addition, the L.A. Times yesterday profiled Commissioner Su and the agency’s efforts at stopping unlawful employment practices in an article available here.

Given the agency’s focus on curtailing unlawful pay practices, California employers would be well-advised to review their wage payment policies and practices to ensure compliance with California’s wage and hour laws.


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